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Welcome to the Cup of Arts!

The Cup of Arts is a home for all art lovers and we hope that everyone can find something to suit their taste.


Feel free to browse through our original oil painting gallerywhich features dozens of pieces created by the young, Ukrainian artist - Olesya Hupalo. 

If you would want to purchase one of her modern paintings, please visit our fine art shop. Here you can read the reviews written by our customers.


If you are more a fan of the written word, check-out books written by Voldemar Lemberg.


Photography enthusiasts are welcomed to take a look at hundreds of images in our stock photo gallery.


We are also offering a vast variety of services (from copywriting and translation to logo design and book illustrations creation).


If you would like to learn more about us, please visit our blog.


wishing you all the best,

Voldemar & Olesya

Oil painting "Memories about the Sea" by Olesya Hupalo

Oil painting "Catcher in the Rye" by Olesya Hupalo

Now Olesya Gupalo is working on illustrations to her fairy tale "Adventures of a Paper Ship that crossed the sea". She wants to publish the book in 2018.


"The Tournament of Redemption" is a dark fantasy novel written by Voldemar Lemberg and it is available for purchase here(Kindle and Paperback).
The story covers 16 warriors that battle in the most famous competition on the continent of Entante, in the fictional city of Acoustone.

The book has 15 POVs that change in a dynamic fashion, always keeping the reader on his toes.