Olesya Hupalo

artist \ designer \ illustrator

Olesya is a young talented artist & illustrator from Lviv, Ukraine. She is the creative genius behind the majority of our projects. Her paintings can be found in numerous private collections in the United States, Ukraine and Germany.

As an illustrator, Olesya works in a variety of different media, whilst specializing in Watercolor & Low Poly drawings.



Personal Exhibitions:

"Impressions", M&E Restaurant, Lviv   (2015)

"Feelings & Emotions", Vyshyvanka Restaurant, Lviv (2016)

"Palette of Emotions", Chemlit studio, Lviv (2016)


Group Exhibitions:

"Autumn Kaleidoscope", Central House of Artist, Kyiv (2015)

"Spring Drops", Central House of Artist, Kyiv (2016)

"Beauty Around Us", Central House of Artist, Kyiv (2016)

"Autumn Colors", Takeshy Kurosawa Style Academy, Kyiv (2016) 

"Autumn Palette", Central House of Artist, Kyiv (2016)

"#585 artists - Easter Festival", Sophia Square, Kyiv (2017)

"Nymph", O. Zamostyan Gallery of Arts, Kyiv (2017)

"#ART" Forum Lviv, Lviv (2017)

"The Artists of Lviv" Forum Lviv, Lviv (2018)

"Fine Art Expo" Forum Lviv, Lviv (2018)


Charity Auctions:

"Kind heart - Generous Hands" (2015)

"We'll lift the Cossack glory" (2016)


Painted a mural at "Vyshyvanka" restaurant, Lviv (2016)

Volodymyr Hlukhovskyi

manager / writer / photographer


Volodymyr (aka Voldemar Lemberg) is a writer & photographer from Lviv, Ukraine. He spends most of his time working as a freelance writer & translator. His pieces can be found on a large number of blogs and websites.

Volodymyr enjoys football, cycling & video games. Yet his main interest is Literature in all of its forms.

Currently, he's working on his second novel "Unearthly Earth" that should be finished by the end of 2017.


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